Branding, illustrations, packaging design & interior design. Perro Maldito is a hot dog + craft beer bar located in the traditional Barrio de San Lázaro in Arequipa, Peru. The Dogs - like we call our clients - came to us with the name already in their heads and the intention of mixing traditions with foreign customs. Under this dichotomous premise, we intertwined a neo 80s look with the colonial architecture of the city. This way, created a particular contrast far away from the industrial aesthetic that is very common among craft beer bars. In the universe of Perro Maldito, the pink neon light shines over the historic white stones from the wall. We set out to design a global and local, fresh and irreverent brand. Its very unique visual space that was transferred into each component: from the logo to the bathroom mirror. The amazing Instagram value of the place and of the brand concepts, have been key in the growth of Perro Maldito. Illustration by El Chino Reinoso. IG: @chinoreinoso Project in collaboration with La Trastienda Design Factory. IG: @latrastiendafactory

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