Branding and packaging design: Arequipa - also called the Lion of the South - is a fierce, proud and volcanic city. This is the home of the feverishly arequipeña Melkim beer. They were the ones who set the regionalist parameters on which we built their brand identity. Our counter proposal was to reconsider the symbols and icons of the region, and to structure them again to tell the old story - the one of love for the arequipeño - but in a different way. We conceptualized this reinterpretation. We baptized it as “neoloncca” and we stretched it. We left behind the bulls and the stuffed hot pepper to go to the top: the volcanos. Arequipa is hugged by three of them. But it is home to a complete mountain range with dozens of summits. This abundance adapts itself perfectly for the wide product range Melkim has, where each one of the multicolor volcanos embodies the spirit of a beer style. They accompany a brave hop Lion, the brand logo inspired by the city. Illustration by Ridan Alzamora.

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