Manos Que Hablan (MQH) is a company that expends artisanal alpaca textiles design for a global audience. The brand aims at luxury and it was our task to create an identity the welcomes and advances to what was already established by its competence. Luxury is a lot of things: manual art, materials, exclusiveness, and quality; but the new luxury includes also connections - almost spirituals - with millenary traditions and with fair treatment to the people, its culture and nature. We decided that it was appropriate to focus MQH's voice on these new values tied to luxury and to fuse the visual identity with the extraordinary pre-Columbian traditions. We focused our attention on the most sumptuous place in the history of America: the Imperial Cusco of the 15th century. The perfect geometry of its architecture, knitted, goldsmith and ceramic dragged us inevitably to the construction of a logo that emulates these motives. For it, we designed symbols from typographic characters associated with this iconography. We welt the local cultural tradition with the global one and, inspired by universal art, we recreated iconic pieces such as Las Dos Fridas. Thus, on these two columns (local and global) we placed Manos Que Hablan in a privileged brand territory.

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