We designed the exhibition of Roman coins, part of the permanent collection of the Moral House Museum. The enclosures of this colonial house function as galleries and rooms. We collaborated with Mid Arquitectura in the conception of the furniture that would support the numismatic compilation. It had to respect the historic architecture of the space and, like everything we designed for this project, it had to have a timeless aspect that endures his prolonged stay in the museum. The graphic was detached from the brand identity of BCP, but we decided to introduce color gradations on a white canvas to strengthen the chronological continuity between the exposed coins. We reinterpreted, ordered and simplified the information so it could be welcomed by visitors. We created our own iconography to the exhibition and redraw timelines in a readable way. Implemented by La Trastienda Factory and supervised by Maribel Espinar Arriola, Developer of Cultural Projects and Corporate Social Responsibility.

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