The Endery argues that fashion does not have to be the second most polluting industry in the world. They create and believe in a circular economy. They collect waste from the textile industry and turn it into vibrant fashion pieces. The imperfect shapes, concentric patterns, and blocks of color substitute graphicly and debris respectively, the circularity and aesthetics that small amounts of yarn have forced on garments. The flexible typographic logo combines these three elements in some of its versions. Street editorial photography coexists with a much rougher analogue one - almost punk - that demonstrates creative processes. Finally, materials and applications also fit their sustainable ideals. The Endery has just been conceived and plans to be a brand with a global reach. After all, pollution is a problem that concerns all the inhabitants of this planet. That is precisely why the voice we proposed for The Endery is rebellious, but intelligent and not afraid to wear something political.

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