Every two years, Arequipa is the host of one of the most important mining convention, Perumin, where a lot of entrepreneurs come from all over the world to assist to it. The stand of the mining company Cerro Verde was made of recycled white pine and copper sheets that convey the company’s commitment to sustainable development. The recycled white pine is obtained from the mine own operation. Instead of using furniture where people could sit and rest, we decided to make everything out of wood blocks, which allowed the assistants to sit anywhere they wanted. People were able to interact with all the elements from the stand, since they were hidden inside the wooden structure. A door could be openned, and a pop-up book came out with information about how they use the copper in their everyday lives. The visitants could also open a wooden box where they could see how the water is recycled with the mine help, in the city of Arequipa. At last, there were infographics light panels demonstrating the mine working processes. All these three elements allowed assistants to feel part of the project.

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